Help us help Nicolas

On June 25, 2013, Nicolas was diagnosed with severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy (“SMA”) Type I. He was only eight months old.

SMA is a motor neuron disease that affects voluntary muscle movement used in crawling, walking, neck control, swallowing and breathing.

Through ongoing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, daily massage and range of motion exercises, Nicolas is defying the odds and is actually getting stronger but more support is necessary. To get involved with an event… join Nicolas Nation.

Help us raise the necessary funds to give Nicolas the tools that will provide him with the quality of life he needs, to grow stronger both mentally and physically. This includes the purchase of a Sit-to-Stand Power Chair ($30,000), an above ground pool for water therapy ($20,000), and a newer “power chair” accessible van ($$$). The family home also needs major updates and modifications ($$$$).
Extreme Home Makeover 2015!

This is a vital time in Nicolas’ development. He needs room to grow, exercise, learn, rehabilitate and move around independently. The 45 year old family home is in need of major renovations to improve Nicolas’ way of life. Nicolas Nation Project Manager, Andrea Cihelka of Gara Construction, is preparing to lead some of the communities hardest working tradesmen, contractors and volunteers in Maple Ridge’s largest EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER!

There is lots to do and we need your help! Get Involved.

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